Oberflex Real Wood Veneers

Today, Oberflex offers the widest range of wood laminates in the world. Boasting more than 60 species of wood available in almost 600 products, its range of panels, of the highest quality in both aesthetic and technical terms, now sets the standard in all fields of interior architecture, decoration and industry.


Oberflex has constantly enhanced its product range by its approach of ongoing innovation, with the annual launch of new collections that take advantage of all the possibilities of the process in order to create brand-new colors and material/surface effects: pastel, brightened colors, gouged, hammer-finished, or sanded textures.


 Their internal Research and Development department works on the continuous improvement of the production process in order to optimise its performance in both economic and ecological terms. This policy of integrated sustainable development, from eco-design to the management of production waste and products’ end-of-life, forms one of the key points of our quality management system.



Oberflex Products

Real Wood Veneer Laminates

Prestige d'Oberflex

Real Wood Veneer Laminates

Chic & Pop

Textured Wood

Textured Wood Collection

Textured Wood

Sablés by Oberflex in matte finish

Natural Shades

Natural Shades Collection

Spiced Wood Collection

An elegant collection with subtle contrasts between wood and earthy tints

OberSound Acoustic Solutions

Obersound, collections 5.5 designers

OberSound Acoustic Solutions

Obersound Classic Collection

OberSound Acoustic Solutions

Obersound micro-perforated collection

The Ceiling Solutions


The Ceiling Solutions


The Ceiling Solutions

Tectonique 5.5

The Floor

Deck D'Ober

Magnetic and writable wood panels

Smart Surface

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