ForesCOLOR is a through-color wood fiber panel. Individual fibers are impregnated with organic dye and chemically bonded by resin specially developed to give the panel its special properties. ForesCOLOR is an evolution of MDF and fits somewhere between a wood fiber board and a solid surface, because of the specially formulated resin within the board.





Advantages for Architects and Designers



ForesCOLOR® is a “one of a kind” product. It is not only unique for its look and color, but for its diverse extensive application possibilities.


Natural Look

Although it is essentially a manufactured product, ForesCOLOR® has a textured surface that gives it a very special look and feeling unlike artificially painted surfaces.


Wear and Tear

Due to ForesCOLOR® being colored consistently all the way through, the panels can be scratched a number of times, but they are easy to repair. All that is required is sanding and re-lacquering and they are back to brand new.


Different Finishing Possibilities

ForesCOLOR® accepts any kind of finishing. By applying a glossy lacquer one can have a modern trendy look, and by applying oil one can create a slightly more conventional look. A mat or waxed look, and fire retardant and textured finishes are all achievable using ForesCOLOR®.


Easy to Assemble

During the planning stage of a project, architects and designers won’t have to worry about hiding the edges.

 ForesCOLOR® can be fitted without further finishing.


Sustainability/USGBC – LEED

ForesCOLOR® is manufactured from 50-60% recycled raw materials purchased from pallet and furniture manufacturers.  ForesCOLOR is FSC certified.


As stated previously, the formaldehyde emissions of ForesCOLOR® are very low and it is considered non toxic according to US requirements since the emissions are below 0.1ppm. Also, ForesCOLOR® avoids the use of paints that often contain formaldehyde as a preservative.

Advantages for Manufacturers


High Density Profile

This characteristic is very important since it means that after machining, there is little or no sanding required, thus drastically reducing the cost of labor. This also allows an easier finishing, as fewer coats are required. It is enough to apply one coat of sealer followed by one or two coats of lacquer (although a little extra should be applied to the edges).


Moisture and UV Resistance

The panels have to be lacquered on all edges but ForesCOLOR® may be used for kitchens, bathrooms and flooring. We have some customers using it externally, but it is best suited for interior applications.



ForesCOLOR is at least 30% stronger than standard MDF making it a lot more stable.


Colored Throughout

No need for expensive and toxic colored lacquering. However we do have customers using paint with ForesCOLOR® because it is much easier and more cost effective. It is easy to assemble as it does not require edging.


Easy to Machine

Besides the fact that ForesCOLOR® does not require sanding, it should also be noted that ForesCOLOR® has a much lower percentage of sand and metal. It also has a high melamine content that acts as a lubricant for the cutting tools, enabling them to last a lot longer. The use of sub products such as branches, bark and residue from timber mills contributes to the sustained management of the planets forests.


Important Notes

- Small light brown pine chips are visible at random throughout a sheet of ForesCOLOR® board, adding to its unique natural look!

- While variances in color remain within acceptable parameters, according to CIE lab norms allied to data colors software, it is important to note that slight variations may occur. This is due to the natural pine fibers and eco friendly organic dyes that make ForesCOLOR® the innovative product it is!

Valchromat Advanced Architectural Products


Valchromat® is manufactured in 10 standard colours: Grey, Light Grey, Black, Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Brown and Green. Due to the fact that Valchromat® is derived from wood fibers and eco-friendly sustainable dyes, colours may vary between batches. Brown chips are visible at random across the board adding to Valchromat®s unique look. Tonal variances also occur depending on finishing applications. Make sure you have an actual colour sample to ensure accurate colour portrayal.



Valchromat® can be finished with a variety of different products, including oil, wax, water based polyurethane,  lacquers, varnish and paint.



 Valchromat® is available in 8mm and 19mm in the USA.



Besides its unique appearance, Valchromat® allows for several easier solutions for use and assembly. Its physical-mechanical properties ensure considerable time and money saving as it is easy and quick to finish. No edging is required. Being moisture and UV resistant, non-toxic and load resistant, the possibilities for use are endless. Scratches and marks on the finished product go largely unnoticed because the colour runs evenly throughout the board. Touch ups are easy and cost effective as you can simply slight sand or apply finishing product again to a small section of the board.



Stocked in USA


Sheets: 49"x98"

Thickness: 8mm - 3/8" nominal & 19mm - 3/4" nominal

Check the table below for available colors & dimensions: